3 beverages that can stain your teeth

The following items are staples of many people’s diets, but they can also cause unwanted discoloration of teeth. You don’t have to completely give up these drinks, but being knowledgeable about them will help you make better decisions, and know where you may want to cut back some.

  1. Coffee. This one is no surprise. That dark liquid you use to wake yourself up in the morning is one of the worst beverages for staining teeth. If you take yours with cream and sugar or opt for a sugary latte, the effects can be even worse. Try brushing your teeth directly after your morning cup of jo, or at least rinsing your mouth with water.
  2. Red Wine. A glass of red wine with dinner or while out with friends can be a great way to unwind, but it’s also one of the worst culprits for staining those pearly whites. Try switching to white wine or at least swishing water around afterward.
  3. Soda. Another one that comes as no surprise. Soda is loaded with sugar and food coloring, but dark sodas like Pepsi are even worse. If this is a habit you can’t kick, try to at least cut down on your consumption and consider drinking it through a straw.

If you feel like your teeth are already stained from years of dark drinks and want a way to reverse those effects, you can always consider teeth whitening. Call us or visit our office to learn more about this procedure. If you recently had a teeth whitening procedure, be sure to avoid the items on this list as your teeth will be extra sensitive to staining.

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