How Amy and Minta Met

This post is part of our 16-part mini-series of video interviews. We hope you enjoy these and please share them with your family and friends!

Dr. Amy Mosseri:

Minta and I met at Dental School at the University of Florida. Dental School tends to be very stressful and there’s a lot of studying and jumping from class to class, so I think you really bond closely with your classmates that are in a similar situation. It was really great to have a friend to go through that difficult time with!

Dr. Minta Lopez-Torres:

Amy had just gotten married 3 days before and said at orientation “I’m spending my honeymoon with you guys!” We were friends right away in that first semester. We got along great.

Dr. Amy Mosseri:

Our Senior year we took a ski trip to West Virginia and that was the first time I ever went snowboarding which has become something I really love to do. I was so bad at first but Minta got to laugh at me quite a bit!

Watch the full video below:

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