Kids love Dunwoody Dental

This post is part of our 16-part mini-series of video interviews. We hope you enjoy these and please share them with your family and friends!

Dr. Minta Lopez-Torres:

Yes, we absolutely see children in our practice, in fact, we love seeing kids! We love having entire families coming to our office. When we started, we really wanted to be a family dentist where we could see the mom, the dad, the children and watch them grow up. We start as young as 3 years old. They will come in for what we call a “Happy Visit” where we will brush their teeth and show them some of our tools like the mirrors. A lot of the fears of going to the dentist are built from being a child and possibly having a dentist who didn’t listen when the child said it hurt, or wasn’t walking the child through what was going on in the procedure. It’s really important to make this a place where kids are not nervous and make it a place they like to come.

Dr. Amy Mosseri:

I think kids actually have fun here. I had one today that didn’t want to leave–I’m not joking! I think kids have fun here because they can watch TV, relax, and it’s not a stress

Watch the full interview below:

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