Patient Stories

This post is part of our 16-part mini-series of video interviews. We hope you enjoy these and please share them with your family and friends!

Dr. Minta Lopez-Torres:

I can think of two men who come here and said “I’m embarrassed to smile, I hate my smile, my hates my teeth. And we actually restore their teeth and they are over the moon with the results. They say things like “I can finally smile-I love my smile!” or “I feel so much more confident!” And that is a life-changer.

Dr. Amy Mosseri:

I have one patient that comes to mind that has pretty much avoided the dentist his whole life because he has such a strong gag reflex. He’s tried multiple times to go to the dentist with no success. He said “I’m going to give it one more chance.” I think our staff here is so patient, caring and gentle. They got him from a point where he couldn’t get any work done in his mouth to now, he’s coming in every six months to get his teeth cleaned. That would have been one person who would have avoided the dentist the rest of their life and had so many health problems because of it. To be able to give this kind of change to someone is such a special thing. It’s why we do it.

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