Starting Dunwoody Dental

This post is part of our 16-part mini-series of video interviews. We hope you enjoy these and please share them with your family and friends!

Dr. Amy Mosseri:

We got lucky because Minta and I ended up moving to the Orlando area at the same time right after dental school. Both of us took jobs at different practices and spent the next 5 years at them. It wasn’t until around the fifth year that we decided that we wanted to open our own practice so we could have more control over how much time we have over patients and how things are run. We didn’t like working for companies that weren’t run by dentists. We decided that the only way we were going to get the type of practice we wanted was to open it ourselves. I think I said to Minta “I’m ready to do this. Are you with me?”

Dr. Minta Lopez-Torres:

Yeah, you called me right after I had just had my first child and said “I’ve got a space, are you in or not?” and the next week we met and signed the papers. It was a long process, about a year before we opened.

Dr. Amy Mosseri:

I think you have to start with a vision that works for the both of you and we both had the same type of vision in mind.

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