Teeth Whitening at Dunwoody Dental

This post on teeth whitening is part of our 16-part mini-series of video interviews. We hope you enjoy these and please share them with your family and friends!

Dr. Minta Lopez-Torres:

There are two services that we offer for teeth whitening. The first way is by making custom trays from impressions of your teeth and creating a custom bleach tray out of that. We give you the bleach and show you how to use it so you can easily do it at home.

The other way is called Zoom Whitening. You’ll come into the office, sit in our chair for 2 hours and we place the bleach on your teeth. You’ll sit under a light during this time and your teeth are much whiter when you leave.

Dr. Amy Mosseri:

I think you can get really similar results from either a custom bleaching tray or with Zoom Whitening, but with the Zoom Whitening it’s really great for situations where you want to get it done really quickly, for example, you’re getting married this weekend and you don’t have weeks to use the bleaching trays.

It also works great for a lot of men who don’t have the patience to bleach their teeth every night but their wives want them to have a white smile. It’s instant and done!

Watch the full video below:


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